Girl in Snow (2017) Short Review

Author: Danya Kukafka
Find it on Goodreads. I read it thanks to Netgalley.

Wow! I’m not sure how to start this review. Maybe by the fact that I read this book in one day. It surprised me immensely – not so much for the plot itself but for the sensitive and complex way the author unravels this multi-layered narrative.

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Hunger (2008) Short Review

Directed by: Steve McQueen
Written by: Enda Walsh, Steve McQueen


Hunger tells a story about limits and beliefs. It’s a movie about strength, conviction and conflict. The conception of its storytelling comes from a quiet, observing place, in need of different points of view in order to show the facts, atmosphere and endurance of its reality.

The acting its strenuously real in this movie. McQueen’s directing strength might be in his stylized yet documental vision of the world, which appears through the cracks of this film’s long shots and unexplained narrative choices. His allusions to Jesus Christ, for example, are all over Hunger, as a metaphor that would better illustrate Bobby Sands’ fight and works in a most subtle way. Continue reading “Hunger (2008) Short Review”

The Handmaiden (2016); ‘Ah-Ga-Ssi’ Short Review

Directed by: Chan-wook Park
Written by: Sarah Waters (novel “The Fingersmith”), Seo-kyeong Jeong (screenplay)


Chan-wook Park’s new take on “The Fingersmith” is incredibly beautiful. The poetic atmosphere of the film reveals so much pathology, admiration, sexuality and sadness without losing its subtlety – on dialogues or sequences. The film is a result of strong cinematography studies, paired with great acting and incredible script sensibility.


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An Education (2009) Short Review

Directed byLone Scherfig
Written byLynn Barber (memoir), Nick Hornby (screenplay)
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred MolinaRosamund Pike

This movie brings such an air of sophistication to it that I can’t help but being attracted to its 1960’s English youth universe. The earning inside Jenny’s character is brought to life with the help of an incredible color palette control and beautiful cinematography, which only contributed to the great performance Mulligan herself delivered.


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