Origin (2017) Short Review

Author: Dan Brown
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“Where do we come from? Where are we going?”

I read Origin in two days. Mind you, I’m a film student currently neck-deep in academic research, and yet, I could not put this one down.

Dan Brown is a favorite of mine since The Da Vinci Code, and he has arguably set a unique voice in contemporary literature by incorporating his love for the classics within an edgy and fast paced narrative, which still seems to be the core of his work with the Robert Langdon saga. Continue reading “Origin (2017) Short Review”


You (2014) Short Review

Author: Caroline Kepnes
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I loved this book for so many reasons. The way it was written, the main characters, the references, the facts… In You, Kepnes built an incredibly interesting writing structure – it reminded me of Fight Club because of its stream of consciousness characteristic, although I enjoyed You‘s writing better altogether (!).

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Girl in Snow (2017) Short Review

Author: Danya Kukafka
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Wow! I’m not sure how to start this review. Maybe by the fact that I read this book in one day. It surprised me immensely – not so much for the plot itself but for the sensitive and complex way the author unravels this multi-layered narrative.

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The House (2016) – Short Review

Author: Simon Lelic
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I read this book in one day. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorites, but it was certainly very good and interesting. The unusual way it is written (I can’t describe it better than a past double first-person testimony until the middle and then afterwards a present double first-person) could have gone totally against the narrative, but actually, I enjoyed it. Continue reading “The House (2016) – Short Review”