Get Out (2017) Short Review

Directed by: Jordan Peele
Written by: Jordan Peele


This movie stirred up a lot of hype when it came out, and as soon as I began watching it, I understood why: it basically addresses a pressing racial issue with an incredibly creative, out of the box and moving narrative, featuring great dialogues and performances.


The praise on Peele’s reinvention of a sadly subsided genre – the social thriller – is well deserved, as Chris’ bizarre story comes through clear and smart. The social discussion is neither overwhelming nor too subtle, which is beneficial for the narrative in a way that plunges the spectator deep into the film’s unique universe. The events occur in such a natural way that is almost believable – that is, at least until the far middle of the movie, because at that point, a twist forces new extraordinary elements to come into place.

The characters were great: Chris was just the right amount of suspicious, Rose was just the right amount of a cool girl, Rod was incredibly funny, and so on. The cinematography is sensible and beyond reproach, delivering a solid contribution to the story. I’m only not sure about the ending, as it felt a little too self indulgent on violence and hard action. Something less striking would be more of my liking, as I believe it would suit the rest of the movie better.

Nevertheless, Get Out is an elegant take on such a striking problem, and it will get you thinking about the events long afterwards.

A scene: there’s so many great scenes, but let’s put in run in the dark.



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