You (2014) Short Review

Author: Caroline Kepnes
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I loved this book for so many reasons. The way it was written, the main characters, the references, the facts… In You, Kepnes built an incredibly interesting writing structure – it reminded me of Fight Club because of its stream of consciousness characteristic, although I enjoyed You‘s writing better altogether (!).

The main character, Joe, is likable – which is disturbing, because he is a deranged misogynistic stalker – and well constructed. I felt like I knew him, and often agreed with his curious point of view on some subjects of modern life. The literary angle Kepnes adopted enriched Joe’s metaphors, and his stream of thoughts and actions are really something out of the ordinary. The descriptions of people, feelings and places are all vivid and refreshing, and really put me inside the book’s universe.

Poor girl Beck is also particularly alluring, and the process of understanding why Joe is obsessed with her and has to control her life is very thrilling. It’s like we are cheering for him, until the reality that he is a sick lunatic sets back in and resets our moral compass. I’m not ashamed to say that Joe made me experience a whole new level of guilty pleasures: what does Beck like to eat? What does she gossip about? What are her dreams and deepest secrets? While reading You, I had to constantly remind myself he wasn’t cute, he was sick. I think that’s my favorite thing about this story.

Overall, You is a well written and peculiar experience on somebody’s unusual psique.


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