An Education (2009) Short Review

Directed byLone Scherfig
Written byLynn Barber (memoir), Nick Hornby (screenplay)
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred MolinaRosamund Pike

This movie brings such an air of sophistication to it that I can’t help but being attracted to its 1960’s English youth universe. The earning inside Jenny’s character is brought to life with the help of an incredible color palette control and beautiful cinematography, which only contributed to the great performance Mulligan herself delivered.


The thing about comings-of-age is that almost everyone will understand the character’s actions and reasons, and in this story I rooted for Jenny to both succeed and fail in her adult adventure. David’s role is a major eye-opening for her in all senses, and the way the movie flow enchants us with the atmosphere he carries through Jenny’s point of view is really sensitive and compelling. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happened to me when I was sixteen, for example.

At some moments, the tone becomes a tad childish and pretentious, as if trying to hard to heave us into Jenny’s bedroom or her trip to Paris. Rosamund Pike’s Helen also bothered me a great deal, as she is portrayed as the “dumb pretty blonde” which, while it could be accepted in 1960, it sure isn’t well seen in the 2000’s. The female characters in this movie, however, were very well developed and constructed – with the unfortunate exception of Helen. Nevertheless, the general aftertaste of this movie is still incredible. The cinematography choices were beautiful, and the production design is full of taste and poise.

Overall, I find this movie a great well crafted study of some pretty important issues.

Attention to: the luxurious bars and restaurants sequences.




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