Nocturnal Animals (2016) Short Review

Directed by: Tom Ford
Written byTom Ford (based on a novel by Austin Wright)
CastAmy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon

This movie is an 2017’s Oscars nominee for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role”.

Okay, let me start by saying I absolutely loved this movie. Its thrilling, unnerving, sad, beautiful and eerie atmosphere got me hypnotized, and I never wanted it to end. That said, I could of course point out a few problems, but they would never get in the way of my thorough recommendation to check this amazing thriller out.captura-de-ecra%cc%83-2017-02-13-as-15-00-16Tom Ford’s directing is stylish, elegant and interesting. His background with fashion doesn’t seem to overcome the sensibility in his stories (A Single Man, 2009). In that sense, Nocturnal Animals’ narrative is never slow, always pushed forward by some aspect of Susan’s life or mind. The parallel that is traced between her and the character in the novel is greatly compelling, and the timing is just right. The visual placements were also mesmerizing at times, turning into metaphors. The dialogues are more than they seem too, bringing out notions on difficult relationships, on being an artist, on having nothing else to lose, and so on.

Now, the cast

This story could never reach its human potential without strong leads. Adams, Gyllenhaal, Shannon and Taylor-Johnson were simply electrifying together, never causing me any doubt of who they were and still managing to be mysterious enough and captivating. I also couldn’t point out too many stereotypes here, as the characters were deep and real. The technical aspects were pretty much on point, but maybe the score was a little over the top at times (could be intentional).

Although a few moments brought out some pretentiousness or melodrama forward and the ending wasn’t totally satisfying, Nocturnal Animals is an overall elegant and low key take on a vengeance thriller with relatable existential discussions. It quickly became one of my favorite stories.

A scene: dinner with mother


A quote: “I enjoy the absurdidy of our world. It’s a lot less painful. Believe me, our world is a lot less painful than the real world.”


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