Twisted Crimes (2017) Short Review

Author: Michael Hambling

This book got me a little confused in the beginning: I slowly realized there was a gangster side to this murder story, but in reality this is a gangster story with murder. It’s well written, though the characters translate as a great deal of shallow to me. This may be because there’s too many of them or because I didn’t read the other four Sophie Allen’s stories, I don’t know. Nevertheless, they’re pictured in a somewhat shallow way, having no relevant background to go back to or something of the kind. There are some mental insights, but I couldn’t relate to the characters at all.

In all honesty, the writing itself doesn’t feel very juicy, or rich – it’s just literal plain writing, and not even in a In Cold Blood style. Just plain describing of facts. This observation got me distraught and caused me a deal of difficulty to finish the book. For those who enjoy a good family mobster power scheme, this book is pretty ideal.

The story itself is interesting, but I don’t really care too much for organized crime or gangster family stories. Had I known Twisted Crimes was mostly about an investigation of it, this review may had been a little different, as well as my enjoyment.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think.


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