The Girl in the Ice (2016) – Short Book Review

Author: Robert Bryndza

I was honestly itching myself to review this book. After a few chapters, I found nearly impossible to put it down. The main reason for this is the pace, the rhythm: more than right, it is real. This story seems like a real-life investigation, and at the same rate it seems greatly cinematic and camera-ready. This novel reveals what time reveals, as simple as that. Almost no answer came out of nowhere, they were the result of details and thorough enquiry-pursuing from the police.

As a screenwriting student, I have to say this book got me more excited for a possible future adaptation than any other I have read in the past year.The main characters are incredibly vivid, and the human insight they bring rings true and nonchalant. DCI Foster is a hell of a woman – stubborn, brave and flawed, like many of us. She and her team represent a discussion for so many issues, and the mystery they get themselves into is truly riveting.

At first, I found a little difficult to penetrate into the novel’s universe, but it reminded me of the british TV series The Fall, so I moved on. All of the scenes are very well described, and got me imagining it all on a big screen as result. Even at the presence of a few careful clichés, Bryndza managed to reinvent them. I can imagine why some readers wouldn’t enjoy the ending so much, but for me it was exhilarating as I had already bonded really strongly with the characters. Maybe the psychological traits they displayed were stereotypical, or amplified at all times, but it still came across as solid.

I will definitely read more from this author and recommend this amazing piece of crime/thriller to anyone.

A quote: “SIO means Senior Investigating Officer. The ‘Senior’ part doesn’t mean you’re older than everyone and entitled to bully them when shit hits the fan. It means you take responsibility for your fuck-ups.”


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