Into the Light (2016) Short Review

Author: Aleatha Romig

Into the Light is the first mystery/suspense on a double sequence. It was the first book I’ve read of this author. This story is interesting and well written. It features a cult-like group, a clueless young woman and an investigative reporter looking for her missing best friend: therefore, a good group of female leads, even though the gender question is discussed pretty deeply in the story. The narrative points related to that flared up my anger most of the times, and I’m guessing it was either intentional or fetish-like.

The main characters are well described, giving in deep into their psique. The plot itself has some slow burn twists that were pretty surprising, even though by the middle it felt unnecessarily dragged sometimes. Nevertheless, it inspired a few theories, and I had fun proving myself right at the end.

My only true annoyances were the love and sex scenes, which were a tad unrealistic and genuinely dragged, as the description felt too idealistic in comparison with the rest of the novel. I can’t really shake off the idea that this novel somewhat features traces of the “50 Shades of Soft Submission” fetish, so common in occidental culture nowadays. Well, I chose to ignore that and the story still made sense.

The story features a few different POVs and all of those have to offer in building this very good cliffhanger mystery by veteran author Romig.

A quote“I was captive in a life I detested from the depths of my soul. I completely understood why I didn’t remember: I didn’t want to.”


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