Play Dead (2016) Short Review

Author: Angela Marsons

Play Dead is the fourth book on the D.I. Kim Stone series. Even though I didn’t read the other books, the story made perfect sense to me. It was gripping indeed, even if that feeling came mid-story.

This is a very captivating tale. Slow burn in the beginning, took me very long to get used to the unconventional way that Angela writes – it felt like the kind of narrative chosen by the author didn’t quite deliver the mystery Play Dead needed, so it felt distant and factual.If the intent was to trace an almost non-poetic narrative, the author was successful. Although a little bit predictable and lukewarm written, the plot was interesting enough to keep me hooked until the end. Every fact was supported by another, and the notions on timing were accurate to my taste.

The different but still complimenting point of views in a serial killer hunt is essential so the reader don’t lose interest before the end. This book has it, and it didn’t feel clumped or unnecessary. The psychological side of the killer was fresh and uncanny, and got me sharing the details with a lot of people.

Overall, it’s a compelling mystery novel.

A quote: “You always made my friends leave, Mummy, and now I must do the same.”


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